October 28, 2011


    Atreus- the treasury of Mycenae – 4 mins lame ads






    lets talk scale “model” for the sake of not falling 40 some feet .  lets talk 9 at most.  Lets you watch video, notice sourcing link- an idea within vid but also most representative schematic view pictured. Lets talk sand as it’s far faster and vacation-wise possible to test wether  “Super adobe” strures are Josh possible.  Lets friggin urry up winter -stop delayinging my fun!.  Sand casters somewhere closer to the sky?- anyone!  don’t cause a stampede!


    update  for the sheer christmas joy of it.

    it’s snowy cold out.  I’m a tad closer to spring :)

    continuous loop bag probably safer idea than individual bags ..bummer though that implies weight.. ..less of an individual only project…no probably about it drat. so


    there is another meaning hinted at…it is shifting sands.


    aftern christmas morning. hickory farms sausage reminds me of picnic..surprise they’re a fine array of product for said. so.

    pic. nic.   pic.nic. ;) keep saying this til there is that day :D



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  • I keep getting teased here.  One day it will be warm and sunny and then the next will be cold.  I just want snow.

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - I believe it was the first laura ingalls wilder book of wisconsin where we’ve the scene of ma ingall’s carolyn who makes maple syrup candy squiggles in a pan of that white innocence..

  • It keeps waffling here, too. Warm one day and super cold and rainy the next.

    Speaking of waffles, I’d like some hot with syrup and butter!

    Speaking of butter, I think you should have been a teacher, J-Man! You always teach me something! Thank you!

    HUGS! and Happy Weekend!
    PS…thanks for popping in the party last night! I have a hang-over today!

  • @AdamsWomanFell - waffles?….with the usual suspects? :) …..:D enjoy.  thank you for the sunshine.  I’ll risk the sticky hug arm’s outstretched?  spank your weather.

  •   it hasbeen cool or just plain cold to almost too warm all week crazy weather for sure. I would like a couple of nights that it gets ocold enough to kill the bugs the millers for one thing they get in the house and drive my critters nuts….

    sorry i missed you earlier it must of been one of my mamy nap times i can’t sleep well so when i get comfy i nap

  •          Merry Christmas…Smile

  • @m_elmer_48 - :) you too. and get better

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