March 19, 2012

  • Gypsy Trails VooDoo

    below are links to the day out at the celebration metaphysical fair.  You may notice it was well representented by all manner of helpful perhaps to you people.  Gypsies and VooDoo! :D!__denver/exhibitors!__denver/exhibitors/vstc14=readers-&-healers

    I obtained a reading by Mary Jayne…go ahead make the universal sucking down a marijuanna cigarette sound :D   get it our of yoursystem, you’ll feel much better :D    I asked, “will I build?”  as I was seeing a palmist I was looking at my hands.  I meant like home., secondarily I asked about whether it was a favorable idea to get into being a consessionaire.

    my response after tossing stone was – house, sure! but  not perhaps in a seemless was or on my time table financial resources will play a part.  taroic confirmation.

    consessionairing?  great idea! as it suits my lack of desire to be ordered about or enclosed.


    health is good, relationships or building, and while money may play a factor, mine rolls in consistantly.


    next I found may way back to earth spirit studios- they had ROCKS!    later I saw non gem grade raw emeral 3 bucks awhack,  and when I finally reteurn the onyx at 1 buck but the wrong size., I returned again…get the picture I like pretty rocks?  I do. :D   first was simply brosing for cool stones for a pente board.  micah was ouchy but cool looking at six clams a specimen.

    later I returned and saw some emeral *raw) and it was three

    down to the third trip by with a mission for cool shit I could afford :D and  wooo hoo! I found stuff!


    now you’re just going to get your shot at the howl of laughter I got for these “gems” are good for :D

    from pamphlet “Earth Spirit Studios elk river mn Stone/Mineral Information Guide”

    Rhodochrosite – emits the strongest power in the universe, the power of LOVE  This stone is for healing the earth. purifies chakras 1,3,4

    Pyrite – Excellent preventative which will shield one from many forms of negative energy.  Sustains the ideal of health, intellect and emotional well being.

    lapis lazuli – Assists one to gain access to and explore esoteric planetary knowledge – activates and energizes the throat and brow chakras.

    Rose Quartz – used for the attunement to the energy of love.  balances the yin yang energy in the body.


    After and the pretty stones it was over to the aura camera to get a picture of my aura.


    well, I can’t read the writing on the quicky colors thing so:

    RED ~ Activity or movement, passion,courage, sexuality, materialism, lucky, forceful nature, survival instinct, strong will or conviction, loyalty, generosity, abundance, playfulness, religious programming.   Red is an emotional color relating to the reproductive system.

    Orange ~ Sensitivity, Compassion, victem, clairsentience, healer, uncertain, impressionable, artistic, balancingor harmonizing, naive, selfless, avoids conflict, dreamer, fragile childlike, addictive personality orange relates to the adrenal glands.

    Yellow ~ Personal power, independant opposed to change, goal oriented, analytical and intellectual, self-starter, judgemental, perfectionistic, emotional repression, stubborn, ingenuity and mental agility, worry or anxiety, secretive relating to the spleen and life force energy.

    Green ~ growth or change, renewal, attracting energy, deception!,physical discomfort, abundance, neutralizing and/or calming, social nature, fear, distrust  or doubt, affinity for self and or others, healing, future time energy.  relates to the thymus and immune system.

    Blue ~Communication, conscience, certainty, creativity, melancholy, male energy, clarity, faith and trust, immaturity, practicality, genuine, emotion health, learning or student, passive, immaginative, calming relates to the thyroid and or metabolism.

    Violet ~  Visionary, charismatic, spiritual arrogance, abstract intuin, self importance, clairvoyance, spiritual activity or information, heart or stomach trouble trance mediumship, protection, therapueutic healing, spuperiority, spacy dreamer, relates to the pineal and pituitary.

    White~ protection, stress, enlightenment, inductrious, shyness, nervousness or muscle tension, pharmaceutical presence, scattered or foggy perception, trance state, ungrounded, vegetarianism, high metabolism, distracted, inter-dimensional, multi-faceted, stimulating.



    my lady said to note that the flasses of my eyewear were not so much flashes but orbs of angels – did I seem them?  no, I didn’t see the angels :D   the very clear stain on my heart solar plexus is of a relationship blooming or about to bloom.


    next to the camera thing is a table for a good array of Himilayian salt crystal lamps.

    they interested me but not enough to buy one.  no offense I’m not a fan of negative ion producing equipment and this is so such a thing.  this includes air purifyers.  personally I like hepa or positive ionic type of things.  but it’s great to know that salt my enemy with hypertension is great for hypertension as a lamp!



    five a head at the gate, readings 20 clams for twenty minutes, aura picture 15 clams, soda machine 1.50, rocks: 1.50or 1 for mine, five clams to sisterwho whom I’ve not seen in a decade 5.50 for the rocks, 666 for the wendy’s before and 7.49 at taco bell after – for two people both times , 80 dollars at the office max to get thre printer to scan because it needed ink to scan and other things, 50 at the grocery store for beer as I had to touch electronics *non alcoholic but can I have the joke anyways?, PLEASE?)



    I like wendy’s side salad with red jalepeno whatever chicken nugets and fries with a watter




    yes a tost.ada, a chicken soft taco and a crispy potato soft taco advertized for lent   a half and half iced tea pink lemonade. too.

    was it healthy- I thought so I’m full.

    and not bouncing off the sugar dials either.


    what did you do fun?

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  • this is pretty neat

    you have nice aura. i’ve always wondered what shade of funkiness mine is

  • oh shit i didn’t even see the food pics. 

    argh too late for me to snack. 
    we didn’t do anything special. 

  • @bonmots - :) despite the McSniderson tone, I had a grand time.  I was hoping to charm sisterwho into cooking a recipe of mine but due to a simplistic microwave style only microwave policy- I wasn’t successful….snaps fingers.  later chattering with  lady I was mentioning the highlight and got this strange scary clown frightened her friend’s daughter.. I convinced her temporarily that SisterWho’s cool – then her friends came out and immediately gave her up as the with all clowns are scary problems :D   hang down you tom dooley hang down your head and cry.  I strolled past the celtic band.  I never did find belief there anywhere but it was a grand time. 

    I’m not sure of this but have you ever seen a mood ring or the rainbow temperature sticker thermometer thingumabob for fishtanks?  I remember putting my hand prin over this machine and I’d not be a blessed bit surprrised that such a thing as an aura is a patented  process of hokum jokum witchery similar to that old tyme concept.  this doesn’t eliminate the NEAT factor.

    nor does having an internal laugh at having part of my reading mirror this years uri gellor longer term destiny according to the books.  I was impresed because thats a LOT of shit to remember to just scan a page so yeah even my readin from the toroic one was rather fun…yes even hearing that I need balance…duh diabetic but don’t think you can quite tell that ;) oh you can but if so the way that’s done is embarassing because that’s breath/sweat and um like oh oops I’m “vibing” poor health then and they’re big fat liars :D   well paid big fat liars.  good help my blind eye.  but it’s frightening what people gather in information at a “glance”

    my absolute favorite  story /experience was the cat lady and her friend with the cat lady having the clairvoyant tell her her to old fucker cats a male fourteen and a female seventeen not getting on and despite her efforts for accord the claivoyantsaid they’d NEVER get on.  they both see her recently passed friend and her friend’s still around to comfort her… you can laugh if you’d like but while I find this amusing I also don’t I hate losing friends and having pissy animals :D .

    speaking of which the brother’s dog before this circus show, absolutely will bite your face off if you make pursed lips sounds…he hates that!

  • I haven’t been to a psychic fair for about 20 years. They used to have one in an big Victorian house just north of Cheeseman Park. I’ve had enough psychic readings in the past decade to confirm most of nothing about me that helped. I think I need to go somewhere spiritual for my next reading – like Boulder ha ha!

    Anyways the weekend was ok. Crosstown for an auxiliary family birthday party for my kid. Replaced a guitar string. I can’t believe I paid $7 more for strings that, while they may hold their mediocre tone longer, they start snapping within one month of light playing – plus they’re way too heavy to be marketed as extra light. Back to D’Addario bronze!

  • strings can make an instrument- pardon me of the violin over guitar- but wow did I have a sear bspecial and I coughed up my money and hear the difference of what hapens when the string of high quality vibrated.  it was still a cheap instrument in my case but it was my cheap instrument all of a sudden :)

  • Now I want taco’s lol love all this fun stuff…way cooleee’o you are 

  • @SisterMae - yes yes, mmm indeed sis did up fish tacos and beans for lenten tacos you know it’s a totally different wrold eating spring mix on a taco. :D   and gratefully full LD serve yourself of corse ya true pot luck he reheating/cooking, spring mix me taco shell’s cheese and roommate beans and flish.  that’s about as fair a division of offering as it gets :D .  you’d have loved the even as it’ s neat things really-  nevermind the weirdo witchcraft vodoo beliefs but just the feeling of happy people with out of the ordinary times! :D

  • @starmanjones - Yummy fish taco’s

  • @SisterMae - they really are the new thi instead of mash and veg tortilla and salad :D same walmart joy :D plus you get a mini break on the tortilla versus dinner roll on carbs/fats not so much carbs but most don’t butter theirs so fats are reduced :D ng to do with fish  filet/sticks night

  • I like the lapis lazuli stone, which is good for your “brow chakra”?  Must be why I have to get brow waxes once in awhile!  hahahahahaha!  I love Wendy’s and Taco Bell too.  I got a kick out of your price list for the day.  Wouldn’t it be cool if I showed up at one of those mystic fairs in a VW bus?  hee, hee   :)

  • @heart_beep - :) are you going to reenact little miss sunshine too? :D thanks  lol- I don’t know about the mystical things, I know enough to wonder whether its optical latency behind dianetics orroom lighting still percieved through closed eyelids.  or is it fantastic genie power? I know that one can be hot and cold places and magically the cures of this or that activation stimulation retardation ceasature of chakra energies is connected yet not wholly correct to medical current logic.  but, it is still much fun and charactures conveine there :D

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