February 13, 2013

  • CandleVision


    By the flicker of lounge light

    images dances in a shiny object hypnotisms






    Imagine, as in you must, the IDEA of  time shared pursuing each other.  This means balancing my desire to display Alexander Dumas’ Secret Corsican Cave of wonders to my pal…and hers telling me not to stop shaking the marbles so much as the kaleidoscope of light across them through my ears is  best viewed all calm.  So, Imagine if you will and you must, seeing this scene of realistic special.  one may see it as they might as an ordinary night in, or high poetry to dance across the annals of times.

    Candle-Vision flickers of the murder of crows glow.  Yes, The television is candle’s flicker.  A murder is involved too – @doahsdeer hopefully should be pleased. The subject is dark deep secrets of dark birds.  oh the gleams of my eyes seem to sing that naughty lyric about watching nature’s animals on TV next to someone who should be the entertainment ;) :)   How did it go? – adult, let’s go at it like they do on animal-filled planet?   ….That’s not quite right but perhaps you get the allusion.  We know our couches, thee lounge scenes.  Mine is dusty sage-like green with a bit too much fuzzies pill-ing off the cushions.  The wooden floors are a deeper amber set of wooden tones.  there is an African mask/totem above a decrepit but paid for tube type television with a few resuscitating wires and gizmo boxes keeping it still alive.  there isn’t too much dust about but you can remember the 80′s style of plastic that required cotton buds to adequately clean and such effort is often beyond me.  there is a green plastic hand that almost fits the decor.   angled in the corner TV side is a grand wood-burning stove that looks less than sleek as if Blacky just got caught coughing.  A bit of colourful litter that delights me or will again – the pasteboard boxes of soda-pop or other can type beverages and those tubes otherwise a waste as I have no rabbit or gerbils to make use of them await their last use which is to light my fire.  burn romance, burn.

    Dinner is to delight.  With the fancy hand removed, I have but only a few aces.  Ordinary fish filets breaded,  tortillas soft and warm and garnishes simple; fabulous fish tacos. Culinary fare light enough to get into or nibble. To quench one’s thirst is  of gems and jewels available at the wee hours of the tale’s construction….no bar or booze shack open and me fresh out of champagne ;)   jewel tones colors sparkling and bubbly are but a fruit juice and seltzer away.  and a damn ass long trip to the store!  ;)   able to leap tall buildings in a single bound is what was said of a steel like comic man…. I can but run a damn bubble bath and light a candle!  (Who is to say I’m not so far away from super?)  ((shut up.))  I would like strawberries and champagne perhaps some chocolates too and all of it for but some change.  Egg roll wrappers cut in half upon a baking tray sugared lightly will crisp  to a sweet wafer in an oven if one is careful! not to burn them.  Frozen strawberries are likely all that really is any good or shall we say the least worst evil going.  Whipped cream perhaps regular, light, or maybe flavored again in some combination of strength of fat content boldly lathers across the wafer awaiting berries thus again layered and perhaps drizzled with chocolate sauce some to become a cheater’s Napoleon.  



    a movie and a bath somewhere in some dinner.  tastey but pretty damn ordinary dinner. :D


    The high poetry of creating love where it can be allowed to sparkle it’s glowing joys.



    Play that magic card of romance!  Come on along with me for a walk about the dawn.



    …so I may perhaps spontaneously haiku


    Dawn’s light through your eyes

    brightening up playground scenes

    delight and surprise.

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  • Very poetic and beautiful. Delicious.

  • Do you have fluffy slippers to wear after that bubble bath?

  • @sleekpunk - Denied flashier chances to impress a jaded pal only wishing for me to see I needn’tt bother, I won already and it wont wok…  so no fancy fish en pappilot, no ice buckets containing fuming champagne, no magazine location where maybe a celebrity just got swept up after and definitely no homer’s Odyssey of epic poetry were sanctioned.   Cuss me if I still didn’t wish to try.  Wouldn’t you want someone you like to feel special?  ;)   While this is the essences of the idea…the REAL version like a year and a half of “stories” having us about the globe exists in ~196,600 messages  give or take a few.  BUT, Xanga still survives as a greater way to post it note reminders of what and when :D .  Thank you for saying nice things.  *it isn’t perfect, but you may notice an improvement in editing on this post :D   i.e. it’s THAT special that I actually shhhh! spell checked it.

  • @Roadkill_Spatula - actually no, I do not have a pair of fuzzy slippers for the bubble bath… I was the one on the long ass mission to the store :D   that’s my story but the grammar leaves it free for you to imagine anyways whether I just mentioned the trip to the store to COVER for the scary picture of me wanting a good soothing bubble bath complete with candle or tromp tromp tromped on along in imagination to the store while the lass of romance luxuriated an hour and some away.  Grammar is fun :)  

  • Anyone who turned down that evening out deserves to sit in the corner by themselves.

  • @moniet - ooooo! not the CORNER! ALONE!! :D   (Thank you)

  • I just cannot deny this to you, but then I was asking myself … What the hell did I just read just now? Oh, I know, it is very poetic sense of writing about the taletell or was that telltale of food and candle flicker killer! Yup, TV is definitely a candle flicker killer and there are many kinds of murderers in it. Ha!

    Damn! Those food makes my mouth watering. Ok! I go to to kitchen now and eat something. Your fault!

  • @SherryAngeLMysteriez - laughing out loud liol literally, :D
    THIS IS FICTION ma’am :D   I would only have gladly made it reality or a “taletell”  but it is all I have to share – the real version of this tale is buried privately elsewhere – a tale.  the inspiration of the tale couldn’t live further away from me if she tried.

  • I think I may light some candles tomorrow as I feast on waffles and bacon.

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - WTF? Waffles and bacon! My good sir, the man was speaking on fish tacos, strawberries and champagne!! Can there possibly be any thing more divine? Shut your mouth!! I know you were going to speak on the WI cheeses. It is cruel and unusual, for you know what it does to me.

    @starmanjones - This won’t be fiction when you come to FL, baby. I just hate that most of my girlfriends are married….On the bright side, we’ve plenty of fish in the sea! ;) (Ask any mermaid you happen to see….) I truly enjoyed your post, J.

  • sumptuous feast for the eyes, weary or otherwise

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - marreo, I know you cook and I’ve seen what you claim as original recipe against my claims at my own original recipes… you live in the green bay area as thus cheese head of a cheese state and much fine beer… bacon and waffles is fine sir I like them two but woeeeee why not treat yourself to a smokey onion cheese quiche.   …seriously  a smoked gouda style wisconsin special? sweet caramelized onion all the egginess ever more velvety with smokey ooey cheese.  come on!

  • @Kellsbella - laugh that the fish tacos are actually my hand my camera things?  oddly  enough it’s a rare real deal picture evidence of what any given day my hands can do.  :) I’ll survive chastely lol but because you’vve said that, I… am going to remind you of yenta

  • @bonmots - :)  glad to leave just enough plausibility :D

  • when you’re sick you really don’t feel like doing much and plus it’s a bullshit holiday and I’m allergic to strawberries and I’m all alone except for my cats and a bottle of moonshine and this thermos.
    @Kellsbella - 

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - I knew about the strawberries with you but now I must salivate about the moonsine… oh and if you want absinthe esque taste?  green food coloring and licorice in.

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