April 29, 2013

  • sneeky girl bashing

    What follows is a simple epiphany set that upends some very eronious teahcings I’ve heard all my life.  the story has in it a rare girl main character and is about the subject work and fairness.   we’re going to have you reread it in case you forget it.. and discuss why it’s not a surprise a girl is the star because it covers in reality laziness but heheheheh who? responsibility…who?  nagging atop of failing to correctly ask after what she wants, andjudginging, andthe most evil thing of all lack of hospitality.   many incorrectly use this tale to reinforce good manners in their children when all along it really is a tale toremind host and hostess alike of godliness.    without further ado,

    the little red hen

    Once upon a time, there was a little red hen who lived on a farm . She was friends with a lazy dog , a sleepy cat , and a noisy yellow duck .

    One day the little red hen found some seeds on the ground. The little red hen had an idea. She would plant the seeds .

    The little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me plant the seeds ?”

    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

    “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen planted the seeds all by herself.

    When the seeds had grown, the little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me cut the wheat ?”

    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

    “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen cut the wheat all by herself.

    When all the wheat was cut, the little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me take the wheat to the mill to be ground into flour ?”

    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

    “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen brought the wheat to the mill all by herself, ground the wheat into flour , and carried the heavy sack of flour back to the farm .

    The tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me bake the bread ?”

    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog .
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat .
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

    “Then I will,” said the little red hen . So the little red hen baked the bread all by herself.

    When the bread was finished, the tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me eat the bread ?”

    “I will,” barked the lazy dog .
    “I will,” purred the sleepy cat .
    “I will,” quacked the noisy yellow duck .

    “No!” said the little red hen . “I will.” And the little red hen ate the bread all by herself.




    commentary upon the lesson is mine.


    now I don’t care if you believe in my premise nor in my religion nor anything at all or if you outright disagree but lets us cover the reasons I’d say this always has been a lesson and typical girl bashing. 

    as i say if it is good a man is typically the main character.  it isn’t impossible for a girl to be shrewd or noble but it is for men to think and girls to know their place.  -don’t go beating me up that’s very clearly shown through out history… take up the that’s bullshit with history not me.  so anytime anything good occurs especially in a moral lesson I am suspect if it’s anything good if the girl is the main character.  I am not disappointed here either

    the most cherished thing in religious teachings is humility and grace… thus hospitality…you do not know when you will be in the same circumstances your own self… however this never meant blindly throwing everything you have away to strangers but wisely within our means always giving all we can not all we have all we can… 

    this hen demands of guests they work which instantly breeches hospitality- this no sin sometimes we need help and we should always ask but please note the wize males refuse each and everytime honoring the hen to show effort and hospitality again it is no accident this is a lady character.  and this is easily shown when you go to a restaurant are you expected to clean your own table? how flippin rude is that disgusting I don’t pay to have to clean up other’s work.  if i go to a hamburger joint to I have to assemble my burger and cook it too??  how rude…I can understand it is my option to have garnishes and I can add my own.  but why should i pay to do another’s work?    next example is I don’t want useless friends so I can ask at parties that I’m aided to serve them better than I can manage on my own please.. it isn’t a demand it’s common sense and despite years of jokes I do ask for aid in the kitchen all the time once to the point of throwing a bbq where the one guest had to run the bbq as i was swamped… I didn’t ask them to toil in the kitchen but take center stage and glory as that’s what the bbq is always about mmm glorious mastery of fire.  but in general if you are invited it is for me to serve you as best I can.  you do not go on vacations to lift too many fingers and indeed would be offended if you had to  no fool in business stays in business if he/she isn’t hospitable…as ultimately that is where the money is…hospitality…service.  watch and note how quick you’ll not return to a place with employees displaying a bad attitude..you don’t pay or patronize nor stay for crap service.  even if you paid nothing and simply are asking for service… I mean would you patronize a place that can not let you a respectable human being use a toilet or have a water?  if they can not display service and hospitality why bother with them.  please understand that loitering bums who make a  mess make this a per person basis but ultimately it’s not worth going to a place that doesn’t believe in service/hospitality.


    next where does this stupid ungodly hen get off judging a guest as anything?  it is one thing to ask people to leave if they aren’t living up to an arranged trade of responsibilities or good beahviour… it is another thing to negatively nag people to do our work for us serve themselves and then be cross we asked for something and were denied it and thus acted the spoiled cross fool.  how ungodly and thus big surprise it’s again a womanly character short sighted of anything holy and lazy and mean to deny guests the bounty of the lord.  how shiftless nagging irresonsible and on and on I can’t believe the ignorant hen! invites others in and denies them food?  it gets no more evil than that. burn the witch above her station with her own ungodly notions??


    don’t think someone hasn’t already.


    what a sly thing it is for it to be to a woman to mak a judgement when we’re told not to ever lest we be judged and found wanting.


    in short what seems proper that there is no free lunch as in things cost, don’t waste the gifts of others is perverted into there at its base those who have nothing are expected to do the work of another for their benefit… no wonder a woman is chosen as the lead of this story… in every way possible it is selfish and short sighted and ungodly and negative from beginning to end…why not let the woman take the hit for that


    if you would like to laugh and disagree please do lets discuss :D

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  • They were friends, not guests, if that means anything.  Now, of course, she should have figured out right off that they were lazy friends and after the first asking, maybe the second she might have just given up.  Perhaps if she shared what she wanted to accomplish from the get go, she might have had more help.  By the time it’s ready to eat, she probably should have just shut her mouth and not been a snot about it.  These kinds of stories are replete with gender biases as well as a plethora of other things.  In the end, the little red hen ends up looking like a sanctimonious bitch with lazy good-for-nothing friends.  Bummer, man.

  • hmmm. I never thought about it like that before, but you are right in that it is good and noble to share of our labors even with those who do not assist us. I’m not sure whether or not that is the moral the story intends to teach. I’ve never looked for women cast in negative roles in fairytales and the like, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it now.

  • @adventofreason - I would’ve just skipped my comment and recced yours if I had seen it first. 

  • @distractedbyzombies - Ha!  I started thinking that that red hen was not so great.  Look at Goldilocks, man . . . breaking and entering.  Speaking as a mama bear myself, I would be looking to make a sandwich out of her; that is if the little red hen would share her stinking bread.

  • @distractedbyzombies - glad you missed it then as I score a bear comment :D

  • LOL!  Never thought of it this way before, but you have a good point!  

  • @godfatherofgreenbay - good man with the grains used correctly :D    the aussies just long for vegemite on toast.

  • @songoftheheart - :D   I just have had a lot of things come up enough for me to see i’m not 4 anymore nor 12 21  etc.  it just strikes me that there is a few things to getting out from underneath crap situations that is to be handled  however the fallout with integrity and this type of story is just that one of how to handle it.

  • I woulda’ helped the Little Red Hen from the first step….and then given my portion of the baked bread to someone who was poor or hungry. I’m not sure what my animal character woulda’ been…hmm….

    When I was growing up, I thought some of the “children’s” stories and fables/fairy tales, etc., taught some not-so-good things! They confused me.

    I think we all need to show more mercy, kindness, and not base our deeds on whether or not the person can help us, etc. It bothers me when people only help because they want something in return…or in order to “hold it over someone’s head”. I do a lot of volunteer work with people who can’t do a thing for me….and I don’t want them to do anything for me. I want them to pass the joy on to someone else.

    We need to treat others like we want to be treated. And if they treat us badly, then treat them well, as an example of what should be the norm.

    Well, that’s enough of a sermon for one day! Sorry I got to rambling into a long comment!

    PS: I’m a chick-pleaser! Oh, and I really love helping and pleasing roosters! Do you have any rooster stories?!
    PSS…love the little animal drawings, and other drawings, in this post! Cute!

  • Laziness comes in many forms. There are people who won’t lift a finger without reward. There are people who will lift a finger regardless for no reward. As for girl bashing, girl bashing has to come to a full stop sooner than yesterday. When I see someone treating another badly I jump in and treat that someone badly for two reasons. One is to show the another being treated badly they don’t need to take it. The other to show the someone what it’s like to be treated badly, to make that someone think or at least worry and look over his shoulder before doing it again. 

  • @adamswomanback - to bnest.  I don’t know why i volunteer anymore.  I know it’s fruits do not directly come for me.  yeah 3 years after I wasn’t a vlunteerjob one I got a job to look forward to as my oklahoman dreams dust bowled only to recurr 3 more times all but a dirty shower scene went down the drain.. but such is how it gos :D   I don’t know I know it’s right and so I show up best *I* can each thursday. :D however nuclear bomb the worthless state minus mr glaze.

  • @TheSutraDude - you sir are a hero providing you smiled understanding this mocks the history and premis of so many concepts save one…god love us all and we might as well get along….:D

  • The others were not guests as occupants of the same farm. The Little Red Hen represents the mother figure. She has no intention of hoarding all the bread to herself else she would have eaten the seeds from the beginning (as hens tend to eat grain and not refined food products unless man is involved; hence, man is the bad guy not woman, eh?). Anyway, it’s the old give a man a fish he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, yada yada yada, story. The untold story is there are all those dishes to wash, and the dog and the cat and the duck do want the bread and put two and two together. Hmmm, they decided to help clean up the mess. And the Little Red Hen shared her bread for as long as the wheat did grow. :)

  • hmm. the premise here.  the hen was not the hostess.  except in that she invited her lazy shit friends to be involved in a long term project of benefit to all. and in this story she could have been a he (although since we’re bashing, we could say that women are better at encouraging group effort than men).  in fact we could rewrite the story.  we could have it be the studly foreman trying to get a group of lazy volunteers together to make a bridge across a stream.  he invites them to process each piece (let’s just say i don’t know anything about building bridges) and they decline. and so he builds the bridge all by his onesies.  and then everybody wants to use his fantastic bridge.  (not that foremen have to be MEN either). 
    i’m all for helping people who need it.  but i’m not all for doing for people who are perfectly capable of doing for themselves.
    as for female heroines.  check out the paper bag princess. robert munsch, i believe.

    i surely didn’t have the answer you expected, sorry about that. i did enjoy reading this and appear to have some other interesting catching up to do after work. 

    have a good one.

  • @promisesunshine - I’m not really surprised so :P but thank you for the time to visit and comment.  I was really seeing if there was some kind of moral outrage to be had… duh best way to acheive that is to deliberately warp things to make a fabulous if unsupportable claim.  unlike pro red players and media… I’m not allowed to deliberately lie as I just lack the you need to believe me factor… so I’m largely not surprised I incited interest rather than riot.  I did however have this tale told to me in a way once that left it clear that the hen had a home of her own and these were thus indeed guests not just members of a farm leaving her the hen without the obligation to hostess but just try to get up support from fellows.  ultimately this will always be meant to be retold as a story to pick your friends wisely…everyone is largely sick of the sob story that the hen had lame friends get over it and get other friends…which in a way leaves me right where I started… it’s a woman so there is no vindication of morality here just a chook wising up.

  • heh. you were looking to incite a riot? wrong venue, man. you want facebook for rioters. too many peaceniks over here ;)  


  • @Bels_Kaylar - chuckles.  I’m curiousk would you say in light of that statement that deep thinking counts?b

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