September 18, 2013

  • audiophile hi-fi

    okay, I have a new job and some dough but nothing mega whale-walloping so here’s ideas about how to have magic at a budget….the fuck that ring gimme good sound! type of investment.  I’ve scoured the net for information and reviews on valve type equipment… i.e. the “tube.”  this makes no never mind without something to make sound as in speakers. then there’re are keystones of content becoming sound… I am not a collector so there is no turntable stuff but there is some pricier computer stuff to pay for and also to squeal about.

    Canada is back again with such things as budget valve .  oh hail Canada the giver of insulin and thus life and now sound to fill it!and speakers sans cabinets

    mapletree audio design M.a.d. is great for an array of premade systems as they seem to no longer offer diy kits except if you sign a waver saying it’s not garunteed to work and thus you buy it you bought it.  otherwise the sonic performance is unbelievably great and warranty adequate at 2 years you pay to ship it  clause.

    Audio nir type with a kick to an independent cabinet maker should you wish to have something done upspeaker of the full .  full range means just that one speaker all the sonic spectrum.  the drawbacks seem to occur in the bass range where it doesn’t quit hit the 20 to 20k sound range but is close at 50-20k and needs the reflux versus being seeled.  the reflux is that silly lil vacuum hole somewhere by the way.


    oppo bdp 103  blueray to a great array of everything else including a take-over  yet windows manageable/controllable DAC covers everything stored online and or on the computer with the plus that it also comes equipped with a remote with line level remote controle so you can run a tube system in our modern lifestyles.  drawback is fancy computer cost  it is from japan and the remote can even be your android or apple phone.

    a quick search of old time radios gives me german ve 301s which can be one method of consealing a satellite rear speaker and the oyther can be a steampunkable victrola type with the exact same speaker amp and horn so as to be a perfect surrounding with utility of the .old-tymes.  it is possible to make your own records from cd or other good sources one or two just for the hell of it….in case you lack lp’s like me


    the drawq back here is obvious in that the cabinet cost for an am radio with horn  or turntable with horn both becoming satellite rear speakers is unknown at best.  this means add a paycheck….each.  the turntable equipment is 130, ish and the horn manufacture is also inexpensive at about the same speaker 100 a piece and the inclings are about 50uded valve amp matching are about 500… thus the only bitch now is a combinet at guaranteed 600-1400…because the average for parts to labor is about 2x more of part to labour.  ouch… expensive satelites!

    silver cable is about 300-500 more as in why bother to run a system on shit speaker cord?


    thus expect a good used car cost for audiophile sound because I cant diy .in word or electronics well.

    klipsch heresy 3′s and a reference grade center considered. as were dismissed cerwin vega, anything bose, bang and olufsen, everything infinity-shit quality build if good sound, polk audio boston auccoustics, altec lansing,blaupunkt, bower and wilksen, pinnacle came close. Yamaha did too.





    a 1933 german “peoples” radio…


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  • you know, I’m actually digging those old fashioned players. I sort of want to get something like a Victrola with that cool trumpet thing but it would have to play mp3s.

  • Cool, interesting post!
    Where is the rec’ button?!
    I remember my first transistor radio. :-)
    Those old radios and record players are cool looking.
    I will check out the links you shared!
    Musical-HUGS!!! :-)

    • lol have to represent the punk. stea… and it just happens to be more steamy than nerdy.
      Artistically I could duplicate or have done for me as this last year and a half has shown me I suck at even basic fix-itry, two radios of the same fascia and use that as satellite speake have kitchy look surround sound home theater. odd as sounds and far more expensive is to power these things in an old fashioned way to be actually working units with the side benefit of being a matched set of surround sound speakers but searve a function one being an am age radio in a cabinet and a phonograph/victrola appearing thing that just so happens to be the usefullest thing. ;) why this is seems only to be me saying why should I have two radios? that would be anachronistric to me.
      the funniest part was I looked that up seriously and priced out many things in budget hi-fi…only to show up to work and truly wonder if it was as said and fear thus I’ll afford this or just a lil stress that got unloaded on me – I could always improve but it’s just a lil shit rolls downhill boss had a bad day. I still don’t know but I suppose I’m not the first to thank someone even those being a grouch at the time for taking the time to improve how I can be for them. heh yes, thank you ma’am may I have another…type of day. but while it took all day to achieve the fullness of that thank you, remember that I am already ahead of where I am last year and hay to remind myself not to count on this and I was beginning to on to have a reminder really that I shouldn’t and can’t this line of work is tetchier than some. so in a way that’s then and now lol

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